Touch of Grace LLC
Kathy O'Connor LMT
Grinnell, Iowa

Where there is no time for quiet, there is no time for the soul to grow.....
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What is it worth to you to feel less pain, get better sleep, feel more content and at peace, and just be healthier?  The body is built with its own healing system and tries to repair itself; but the perpetual stress of hectic lifestyles and emotional upsets keeps the body out of balance and in dis-ease.  Sometimes help is needed to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony.  
Bodywork done on a regular basis has an accumulative effect.  Feeling more relaxed and less stressed is not a luxury, it is essential to your health! Give yourself the same love and kindness and compassion you give to others. Start now to practice self -care and compassion for yourself. 

$45 / 30 minutes                           
$75/ 60 minutes
$105 / 90 minutes

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