Massage Therapy, traditionally known for its relaxing and pampering qualities, and is very underestimated.  There are indeed many specific physiological and psychological changes that occur during a massage, and its effects can be even more beneficial if used as a preventative therapy. Such benefits:
* increase and improve circulation, pumping more oxygen and nutrients into the tissues and organs * increase flexibility & mobility of joints
* improve and strengthen immunity and decrease inflammation * promote a speedy recovery from injuries * revitalize skin
* stimulate lymphatic system, our body's natural defense system against toxins *  improve posture and helps musculoskeletal problems
* release endorphins, nature's natural pain killer * create an overall enhancement of body functions

Visceral Manipulation is a manual therapy that focuses on the potential influence on many structural and physiological dysfunctions. 
 "Only the tissues know,"  expresses that the tissues in the body have a deep and innate intelligence.  Everything that has happened in our lives, injuries, diseases, stressors, etc, is recorded in our tissues.  Areas of restriction are found which impact the persons wellbeing and health.

The Cranial Sacral system protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord and affects nearly every part of the central nervous system.
Because of this, few systems have as much impact on the human body.  Cranial Sacral Therapy is concerned with releasing any restrictions in the body that may be impeding the cranial sacral system and all other systems it interacts with.
This fully clothed, light touch healing modality addresses a wide variety of health issues and is appropriate for all ages.  Pain, injury, or trauma to the head, neck and back, fibromyalgia, TMJ, digestive problems, anxiety, sinusitis, migraines, insomnia, sciatica, are examples of  what Cranial Sacral Therapy can help alleviate.

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